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Intimate lubricants add extra sensuality to your lovemaking. These velvety textures with captivating fragrances provide unequaled comfort by heightening the sensory receptivity of the skin. The role of the lubricating gel is to lubricate the intimate mucous membranes in order to facilitate penetration and thus improve sensations. It also compensates for insufficient natural lubrication (vaginal dryness), a deficit of physiological transudation, hormonal imbalance... By using a lubricant, you obtain maximum well-being to fully enjoy your body to body.


Everyone has the right to taste the well-being that lubricants provide. With MIXGLISS, you rediscover your partner by experiencing new sensations, both olfactory and tactile. The diversity of flavors and textures allows you to play with a wide range of scents and sensations!


Formulated and manufactured in France under dermatological control, MIXGLISS products combine the know-how of a certified specialized laboratory with original fragrances, made in Grasse, the cradle of world perfumery, for your greatest pleasure! Sex toy & condom compatible. Suitable for pregnant women.


MIXGLISS knows how to be discreet. The range combines sobriety and elegance to take place on your shelves without embarrassing you. The design of the bottles makes it easy to hold and the cap delivers the right dose of product. The MIXGLISS plus: the 50 or 70 ml format that follows you everywhere!


Based on water or silicone, more or less slippery, plain, perfumed or flavored and compatible with the use of condoms, lubricants can be classified into two large families.

Water-based: it is the ideal formula for the use of silicone condoms and sex toys. Colorless, non-greasy and ultra-lubricating, this light texture perfectly meets everyday needs. To vary the pleasures, it is available naturally without perfume, in a vaginal and/or anal version in a 70, 150 and 250 ml tube, and is available in several flavors or flavors, each more gourmet than the other, available in a 70 ml tube.

Silicone-based: this is the sensual formula par excellence. Endowed with an ultra-slippery power, it is a 2-in-1 fluid: massage and lubricant. Its duration of effectiveness is superior to aqueous bases. It is therefore particularly suitable for your long-lasting naughty games. Applied to the condom, it increases the mechanical resistance of the latex. However, it is preferable to use an aqueous base when used in combination with that of a silicone sex toy. The second advantage of silicone is that it makes the caresses softer, much softer... becoming the essential accessory for your massages. Non-greasy, it leaves the skin smooth, satiny and subtly scented. Perfect for a naughty shower or bath, it stays fluid and doesn't stick. Warning: once tried, you won't be able to do without it! Available in 50 and 100 ml bottles.