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Do you know the 12 types of Female Orgasms?

How many different orgasms can you name? 1, 2, 3, maybe a little more? You are probably familiar with the clitoral orgasm , vaginal coitus and you have often heard of the G-spot , without really knowing if it is a myth or a reality?

Orgasm of the nipples , anal or even cervical pleasure , there are 12 types of female orgasms! As you will discover, the female body conceals erogenous zones , sometimes known, most often secret, just waiting to exult .
Love to Love reveals all the nuances of the female orgasm and gives you all the keys to reaching seventh heaven !


Let's start with the most common and easiest to achieve orgasm. More than 90% of women actually say they have had a clitoral orgasm, some even admit to getting it in less than 3 minutes.

It is therefore the most natural and instinctive orgasm. No wonder when you know that the clitoris has no other function than that of bringing pleasure. Of course, other parts of the body can provide it, but all serve other purposes as well.

As a reminder, the clitoris is an organ composed of two arches and thousands of nerve endings similar to those of the glans of the male penis. The clitoral system is also connected to the other erectile systems of the female body.

How to recognize it? The clitoral orgasm is relatively short and more acute than the vaginal orgasm. It can of course be achieved without penetration.


Vaginal orgasm is more complex than clitoral pleasure. Only about 30% of women have experienced vaginal enjoyment. It is often associated with the famous G-spot (Gräfenberg's point) whose stimulation would make it possible to achieve ultimate enjoyment.

Myth or reality ? The best is still to try! To find it, know that the G-spot is located 3 cm from the entrance to the vagina. It is recognizable by its rounded appearance and its mucosa which is a little rougher than the others.

The sensitivity of the vagina gives rise to many interpretations. One thing is certain, it is equipped with many erectile tissues and its mucous membrane is loaded with many sensitive sensors which are concentrated in erogenous zones such as the G-spot.

Unlike the clitoris, the vagina is therefore not an organ of pleasure, it becomes one. The lucky ones generally have excellent knowledge of their body and (or) a partner who knows how to stimulate them.

Deeper and longer than the clitoral orgasm, vaginal pleasure can spread throughout the body. It can only be achieved by penile penetration, fingers, or appropriate sex toys, such as vibrators that have a curved head.

We advise you to explore your G-spot with vibrators designed specifically to stimulate it, such as Be My G or OMG .


As its name suggests, the mixed orgasm is the combination of the two previous types of orgasms. Technically, the simultaneity of these two orgasms can cause even more intense enjoyment.

To achieve it, the clitoris and the erogenous zones of the vagina must therefore be stimulated at the same time. Do not panic, it is not as complicated as it seems.

Yes, because the human body is well made! Remember, we told you above that "the clitoral system is connected to the other erectile systems". Among these systems is the perivaginal sheath, where the G-spot is located!

If the two are connected, be careful not to rest on your laurels. To experience mixed orgasm, both areas must actually be stimulated. So why not accompany the comings and goings of penetration with a few clitoral caresses?

Or to use suitable sex toys: vibrating egg and “Wonderlove” clitoral stimulator, vibrating cock rings, rabbits, etc.


Have you had 4 orgasms this week? Congratulations, you must be a fully fulfilled woman. However, if you did experience multiple orgasms, you probably did not experience multiple orgasms!

This type of orgasm is probably the most incredible of all. The final bouquet, the Holy Grail of sexual pleasure brought by a succession of orgasms during a single report!

Again, the existence of multiple orgasm is often controversial. No offense to the most skeptical, the female body is capable of experiencing successive and sometimes very long orgasms, which is not the case with the male body.

Moreover, according to a survey conducted by VictoriaMilan , 19.5% of women say they experience multiple orgasms once a year.

To provoke it, it is "sufficient" to vary the pleasures (foreplay, positions, rhythms, etc.), to play with all the sensations (sucking, licking, stroking, etc.) and with all the parts of the body (mouth, chest , sex, buttocks, etc.).


The practice of anal sex remains taboo for many women. And yet, sodomy can cause an anal orgasm of incomparable intensity. Indeed, the anus and its area are provided with nerve endings that particularly like to be pampered.

To achieve it, two golden rules: listen to your body and have total confidence in your partner. While anal intercourse can trigger powerful orgasms, it can also be painful, hence the need to be well prepared.

Rimming, lubrication, penetration by fingers or toys, there are many practices or accessories to make the experience enjoyable.

Do not hesitate to consult our selection of anal plugs and intimate lubricants.


The powers of the female brain are so numerous that they can even trigger orgasms during sleep. Elegantly called “snoregasm” by the Anglo-Saxons, the nocturnal orgasm occurs when a woman comes involuntarily while she sleeps.

This type of orgasm, widely associated with young teenage boys, is actually a common experience for both genders and all ages. It would even be the sign of a beautiful sexual vitality.

If men would naturally find it easier to achieve (remember, they experience several erections every night), women can also produce vaginal secretions related to excitement.

Contrary to popular belief :

  • nocturnal orgasm is a completely natural experience, which cannot be controlled or stopped;
  • it is not a sign of lack or sexual frustration;
  • It is not necessarily caused by an erotic dream.

In short, it is difficult to give you advice on how to get there. The shortest path is certainly your ability to let go and the power of your imagination!


We grant you, on paper, the cervical orgasm is sorely lacking in sex appeal. Still little known, it nevertheless offers very intense sensations that run through the body in its entirety. What is it about ?

The cervical orgasm, or “deep orgasm”, designates the enjoyment obtained thanks to stimulation of an area called the “cervix”. Located on the lower and narrow part of the uterus, the cervix is ​​particularly innervated.

To get there, there are not 36 ways! Only a penetration deep enough to touch the cervix will allow you to reach cervical orgasm. Naturally, the anatomy of the two partners and the size of the man's penis favor this penetration.

We also advise you to open your body through foreplay and above all not to rush it.


Like the previous one, urethral orgasm can block a number of women just by its name. It actually designates the stimulation of the U point, an erogenous zone still little known in the female body.

Point U is located above the vaginal entrance, where the urethral glands are located. Since it sits just below the clitoris, it is surrounded by sensory sensors and similar erectile tissue.

To stimulate the U-spot, oral sex therefore plays a predominant role. It can naturally be accompanied by touch or a motorized ally, which is particularly valuable in helping you achieve urethral coitus.

Note that this orgasm can lead to female ejaculation. Don't be surprised!


Let's continue our tour of the erogenous points of the female body with the one designated by the first letter of the alphabet: point A (Anterior Fornix Erogenous Zone), also called "deep spot".

This “deep point” is located at the inner end of the clitoris, just above the cervix. The stimulation of point A is the promise of intense and deep pleasure. The great lubrication of the walls of the vagina that it underlies can even give rise to the famous multiple orgasms.

Being relatively difficult to access by digital penetration, we advise you to use a vibrator with a long and curved tip. It is also possible to reach it by penetration of your partner, favoring positions on your knees or on your partner.


Did you know that it is possible to reach orgasm other than by stimulating the vaginal area? Yes, you read correctly ! Certain other parts of the body are so erogenous that they can lead to enjoyment. Starting with the nipples.

How is it possible ? Simply because each nipple has hundreds of nerve endings that excite the same parts of the brain that respond to clitoral stimulation.

However, the sensations of orgasm are a little different. Women who have experienced it describe it as something that gradually spreads throughout the body before exploding in intense pleasure and coming back in waves.

Achieving intercourse requires a little more than tender caresses and passionate kisses. So use your imagination and play with your partner's excitement. Or yours!


Enjoying while playing sports should motivate women who are the most resistant to physical activity. The "coregasm", contraction of the English words "core" and "orgasm" characterizes the peak of pleasure experienced during physical activity.

Mentioned for the first time by the sexologist Alfred Kinsey in 1953, the "coregasm" would tend to occur involuntarily when the muscles are solicited. Interesting, but what sports should you practice?

In 2012, a study conducted by Indiana University revealed the top 6 sports with orgasmic potential: abdominal exercises (51.4% of respondents), weight lifting (26.5%), yoga (20% ), cycling (15.8%), running (13.2%) and walking (9.6%).

The coregasm proves that orgasm does not necessarily result from sexual activity.


It may seem surprising, but 20% of women have already had an orgasm just by kissing their partner (source: Wired Magazine ).

Are you ready to reach seventh heaven with the tender and languorous kisses of your lover?

If the clitoris can be considered the center of female pleasure, orgasm comes in 12 shades with multiple and intense sensations.

Pleasant for the body, enjoyment is also essential for mental well-being (it allows the secretion of hormones such as dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, etc.), regardless of the type of orgasm experimented !

So, it's up to you to enjoy!

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