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Sextoy: How to choose the right one?

If you're reading this guide , it's probably because you're looking for a way to spice up your sex life . Or that you are curious about how sex toys can help you. And you are not alone!

The use of sex toys has grown considerably over the past twenty years. Just imagine: in 2017, 49% of women admitted to having used a sex toy at least once in their life, compared to 9% in 2007! Among men , the progression is just as spectacular (Ifop survey).

Toys are therefore no longer simple accessories, they are an integral part of our sex life . Dildos , plugs , vibrators or clitoral stimulators now play an important role in our development . Still it is necessary not to be mistaken with the purchase!

Love to Love guides you to make the best choice .


Too often, choosing a sex toy is not a cakewalk. How to be sure not to make a mistake? To make the right choice? What are the questions to ask before buying? When it comes to sex toys, pleasure cannot be improvised! In order to make your shopping more fun, Love to Love offers you its 4 essential tips to help you define your choice.

  1. Know your body and its desires

The first thing to do to start is to take stock of what you think you know about your body and your desires. What do you know about your body? Are there places you would like to explore? What makes you vibrate? What excites you? Do you want a solo pleasure or a couple? For caresses or penetration? Each person being different, it is important to find a toy in line with your desires that will not spoil your pleasure. And above all, let go. Your sex toy may well make you discover things about yourself that you never imagined!

  1. Choose the material well

When we talk about sex toys, the material matters a lot. There is no question of using an object whose composition is not respectful of the body and private parts. Silicone, latex, PVC, ABS, jelly, metal, glass, ceramic, wood (yes, it exists!), the choice is vast and it is not easy to navigate. We advise you to inform yourself well and make your decision based on your values, but also on the use you will make of it.

At Love to Love, we have a soft spot for silicone. It only offers advantages:

  • hypoallergenic;
  • at the same time rigid, flexible, hard and of an incomparable softness;
  • easy to maintain ;
  • smooth surface that does not retain any bacteria and does not cause any allergies;
  • does not spoil over time like jelly.

Its only drawback is that its texture is only compatible with water-based lubricants.

  1. Your sex toy must fit the shape of your body

Let's talk ergonomics. You are completely free to use “homemade” sex toys. Shower heads, cucumbers or bananas can stimulate you, even if you risk finding yourself in the statistics that identify sexual accidents each year. If this possibility does not appeal to you, then opt for a sex toy, it is designed to fit the shape of your body for optimal and risk-free use! Thanks to the ergonomics and design of your sex toy, you will be sure to have the right practice.

By the way, some sex toys come in multiple sizes. So, small or large size? When in doubt, keep your eyes on the holes and choose the smallest. This will save you from unpleasant surprises.

  1. True luxury is pleasure

Say goodbye to vulgar, outdated and poorly thought out objects. Make way for modern, designer and elegant toys! From now on, the creators of sex-toys compete in imagination so that the pleasure is not any more but one finality.

"Sex, Fun & Rock'n'Roll", it is from this motto and the ambition to create products combining design and pop culture that Love to Love was born in 2004. Sex-toys, erotic cosmetics & gifts , all our products are imagined by avant-gardists to make fun of life with unreason because: real luxury is pleasure! And with our different ranges, the pleasure begins with a simple look.


Whether it's your first time or you're a more experienced user, buying a sex toy is sometimes an obstacle course. Vibrators, dildos, anal plugs, etc. the choice is so vast that it is often difficult to navigate. Before you rush to your next purchase, Love to Love gives you an overview of the different types of sex toys.

Let's start with the ladies, whose body geography conceals erogenous zones just waiting to be stimulated. Clitoral orgasm, vaginal or anal pleasure... there is a toy for each pleasure!

Clitoral stimulators

Ah the clitoris, this organ which has no other function than to bring pleasure to these ladies. If tender and naughty caresses are enough to stimulate him, there's nothing like a toy to reach seventh heaven in a few seconds. These stimulators are discreet and silent for greater comfort of use. They also offer several vibration modes to vary the pleasures. Choosing a clitoral stimulator means favoring massage over penetration. For solitary pleasure or as a couple, to consume without moderation.

Say "yes" to pleasure with our selection of clitoral stimulators!

G-spot vibrators

There is a wide range of vibrators with different functions. But when it comes to vaginal stimulation, probably the most sought after of them is the one that comes to have fun with the G-spot. While everyone has heard of it, very few actually know what it's all about. or where it is. This is where the vibrators from the Love to Love range become your ally. Thanks to their curved heads and different levels of vibration, they come naturally to exert firm pressure and repetitive movements.

Indispensable to achieve ultimate enjoyment!


Popularized by the series Sex and the City, the rabbit is one of the favorite sex toys of the fairer sex. Simultaneously stimulating the clitoris and the vagina, this vibrator is entirely dedicated to orgasm. And the least we can say is that he lived up to his name. It actually consists of two parts: the first takes the shape of a penis for vaginal penetration, while the second, in the shape of a rabbit's ear, caresses the clitoris.

Ready to welcome your best companion sex toy? Check out Hello Rabbit and Captain Charm.

Butt plugs

Anal sex lovers agree that the resulting orgasm is of incomparable intensity. The anus being a sensitive area, anal penetration nevertheless requires some preparation, such as rimming, penetration by fingers and lubrication. But have you thought about anal plugs?

An anal plug is a small cone with a flared tip to facilitate penetration and a widened base to avoid any risk of aspiration. If it is generally used to prepare for sodomy, it can also be used to stimulate another part of the body during lovemaking.

Ready for the big thrill? Try the Tutti-Frutti


Now let's dive into the world of sex toys for men. Yes, they do exist, and yes, there are far more of them than you might think. Whether it is to optimize his solo pleasure or to spice up his relationship with your partner, sex toys for men could well introduce your gentleman to a new world of sensations. Love to Love offers you an overview of the types of sex toys dedicated to male orgasms.

prostate stimulator

No, the male orgasm is not limited to ejaculation. Mysterious and taboo, the prostatic orgasm is nevertheless often associated with the female orgasm in terms of intensity. This orgasm is obtained by stimulation of the P-spot, often described as the male G-spot! Located under the bladder and in front of the rectum, the P-spot can only be reached by anal penetration. And of course he has to be stimulated for several minutes to reach orgasm.

Your best ally? The prostate stimulator, without a doubt. Its ergonomic curves fit your perineum and anus perfectly for intense sensations. A perfect way to explore your P-spot safely and confidently.

Discover our Double Game and Player One prostate simulators.

Butt plugs

The use of anal plugs for men is in all respects identical to women. It is above all a question of provoking the dilation of the anus in order to prepare for the penetration of the penis or… a prostate stimulator. The latter being relatively bulky, we advise you to excite your partner, beforehand, using a plug. Of course, they can also be used for the pleasure of discovering new sensations.

The toys we offer are identical to those of the fairer sex. Less girly, men may prefer the black version of our Godebuster .


Looking for a toy to give sparks to your solitary pleasures? Male masturbators offer more than real sensations thanks to textures that stimulate and tease the nerve endings of the penis better than a hand would. Inexpensive and easy to use, onaholes are great choices for a man looking for his first sex toy.

A stroke of fatigue? A little naughty desire? Looking for an original gift for a friend? The Sexy Pills from Love to Love will satisfy all your desires.


When it comes to sex, what pleases one often pleases the other.

cock rings

Cockrings are rings that are placed at the base of the penis for a better erection and increase orgasm for him, but also for her. For the man, the ring makes it possible to block the blood circulation in the penis and to obtain a durable and reinforced erection.

Mr & Mrs Vibe and Lovering also incorporating a clitoral stimulator, our cock rings are also designed for the greatest pleasure of Madame.

Pleasure, even from a distance

Sex toys are not spared by the technological revolution. Now you can have fun with your partner's pleasure from a distance, without even touching him or her! These toys, controlled remotely, are excellent ways to reinforce the complicity in the couple. They can also allow you to fulfill your most forbidden fantasies, inviting sex to unusual places. Cinema, restaurant, public transport… surprise your partner in unexpected places!

For even more pleasure, try Wonderlove , the BEST remote-controlled clitoral and G-spot vibrating egg.


Want new challenges? To spend a naughty evening decorated with erotic accessories? Why not treat yourself to feather dusters, bondage tapes or simply a set of erotic dice? More classic, but still just as effective, these accessories will make you roar with pleasure!

You now have all the cards in hand to make the best choice for your next sex toy. Perhaps this guide will even have allowed you to discover unsuspected toys and desires!

It's up to you to enjoy (and make others enjoy)!

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