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Which lubricant to choose?

Formulated for our greatest pleasure and comfort , lubricants are essential to a happy and fulfilling sex life . For many women who sometimes suffer from intimate dryness , they are even essential to soothe discomfort during love .

Faced with the plethoric supply available on the market, it is often difficult to find your way around. That's why Love to Love offers you a complete guide to answer your question: Which lubricant to choose ?

On the way !


Since this is what will allow you to identify your need, this is obviously the first question to ask. Two main reasons: pleasure and comfort .

Because lubricant rhymes above all with pleasure. When it comes to sex, the wetter, the wetter…you see where we're coming from! No, lubricants are not there to make up for the lack of interest in your partner, quite the contrary. They are your pleasure allies, to the delight of both of you.

When arousal builds, a woman's body usually produces natural vaginal lubrication . This varies from person to person and depending on the degree of excitement, nothing could be more normal. At certain times in life, women can nevertheless be victims of vaginal dryness : the natural lubrication of the mucous membranes is insufficient and the flexibility of the vaginal tissue is reduced. This disorder particularly affects women during periods of low estrogenic hormones (during and after pregnancy, during breastfeeding, during menopause). In case of stress, taking certain medications, etc. These disorders can even be very frequent. Naturally, sexual relations are impacted. They can be painful and lastingly uncomfortable.

In this case, the use of an intimate lubricant is a great solution to soothe the discomfort and experience a fulfilling sexuality!


Before buying, you must know the different types of lubricants that exist on the market in order to identify which one will be the best for you.

Intimate lubricants are actually designed from several bases:

  • water
  • silicone
  • oil
  • 100% natural

There are also hybrid lubricants . Most often, they are a mix of water and silicone. Impossible not to find a lubricant that does not meet your needs!


Water-based lubricants are the most common. The reason is very simple: they can be used in almost all cases, even those that involve the use of a silicone sex toy . They can also be applied to a condom, whether latex or not. It would even reduce the risk of having his hood cracked.

Advantages :

  • Neutral pH, which reduces the risk of unwanted reactions
  • they are gentle on the skin
  • they do not stain the sheets
  • very easy to clean after use.

On the other hand, this type of lubricant evaporates quite quickly, it may be necessary to regularly renew its application. They also lose all effectiveness in the shower.


The perfect choice for the most sensitive skin and for longer and more intense intercourse. Since silicone is not absorbed by the skin or mucous membranes, lubrication is 5 times greater than with water-based lubricants.

Silicone-based lubrication offers many advantages:

  • as with those based on water, the pH is neutral, which reduces the risk of unwanted reactions;
  • since it lasts longer, its application is less regular
  • ideal for sex in the shower and for anal pleasure.

The only downside is that silicone is not silicone compatible! In other words, it is not advisable to use this type of lubricant on your silicone sex toys. You could damage the surface of your toy and encourage the growth of bacteria. For the rest, if you are interested in a very versatile lubricant , you might have found the right product for your needs.


Great, but does having to re-apply lube during sex bother you? In this case, let yourself be seduced by oil-based lubricants! You will benefit from such a long duration of lubrication that only one application will be necessary. Another strong point, they are ultra-hydrating . They are therefore an ideal choice for women suffering from temporary or chronic vaginal dryness. Attention ! This type of lubricant is not compatible with condoms. They are also more complicated to clean and may stain your sheets or clothes.


Do the ingredients that make up the lubricants mentioned above make you tick? No problem, there are 100% natural lubricating solutions that are even more respectful of your body and the environment. Oil-based or water-based, they marry the strengths and weaknesses mentioned above, while offering you a composition that suits you.

  • Vegetable oil based lubricants

Probably the most economical and ecological solution (provided you choose an organic and first cold-pressed oil). The choice of oil is made according to your desires. The most widespread is certainly coconut oil, but hazelnut oil can also satisfy the greediest. For a neutral lubricant, choose macadamia or jojoba oil. To be applied directly to the vulva, labia or penis.

  • Natural water-based lubricants

If you're looking for a natural lubricant, but find the texture of the oil too greasy, this type of lubricant might be the ideal alternative . Water-based, intimate aloe vera gel and linen gel will be excellent compromises: both respectful of your privacy and your health. Note that aloe vera is particularly appreciated for its healing and soothing properties.


Now that you have been able to identify the type of lubricant that best suits your body and your needs, let's talk pleasure! Variety of textures, warming effect, different flavors… the lubricants available on the market compete in imagination to spice up your naughty moments and transport you to seventh heaven.

Follow the guide and let yourself slide into pleasure.

Vary the textures: did you think that lubricants necessarily came in the form of a gel? Although this is the most common format, there are other textures that will make lubrication much more fun.

Turn your lovemaking into a foam party with Super Smooth. Light, airy and creamy like whipped cream, this water-based mousse will make you melt with pleasure. Playful and super lubricating, it will be your favorite game partner with or without a sex toy . The icing on the cake: it is accompanied by an extremely precise dosing pump.

Combine the pleasures: What if your lubricant was more than just a lubrication aid? Let yourself be tempted by 2-in-1 solutions that transform your lubricant into a real ally for your naughty moments.

The silky texture of this massage fluid brings a unique sensuality to your caresses and leaves your skin satiny. And as a pleasure never comes alone, this 2 in 1 is your naughty companion even in your loving embraces. For total pleasure, apply Touch my body to your erogenous zones and slide into ecstasy thanks to its intense lubrication.


If you have reached this stage of our guide, you will probably have understood that the choice of a lubricant cannot be taken lightly. We have gathered here 5 other essential things to bring to your attention for optimal and risk-free use.

  1. Beware of allergies

Using lube brings a lot of spice and comfort to your sex life. Unfortunately, your body can develop intolerances to some of the ingredients that make it up. If you feel unpleasant sensations after applying your lubricant (burning, tingling, etc.), we advise you to stop using it and consult your doctor.

  1. Lubricant and fertility

Do you want to have a baby? So be extra careful when choosing your lubricant. Be diligent about choosing a fertility lubricant, as ones that aren't formulated for this purpose can have a detrimental effect on sperm orientation and velocity. This is particularly the case of those that contain glycerin and paraben.

  1. Always use clean gel

It is important to always use clean gel with each use. For example, if, after anal penetration , you wish to penetrate your partner vaginally, you must apply clean gel so as not to facilitate the development of bacteria.

  1. Compatibility with condoms and sex toys

As we told you before, not all lubricants are compatible with condoms and sex toys. Reminder: only water- and silicone-based lubricants can be used with latex condoms; silicone-based lubricants are not compatible with silicone toys.

  1. For women… but not only!

When it comes to sex, what's good for one is very often good for another. And if lubricants are generally applied to the female sex, the penis should not be shunned. If you use a condom, for example, you can put a drop of lubricant on the tip of the male penis to increase sensation . It would seem that the use of lubricant for masturbation and fellatio would make the latter even more pleasant!

We are nearing the end of this guide intended to orient you to the fabulous world of intimate lubricants . As you have seen, it is essential to follow our step-by-step advice in order to make the best choice!

Whether for your comfort or to spice up your sexuality, lubricants are true allies of pleasure, to be consumed without moderation.

It's up to you to enjoy!

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